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In today’s competitive environment, organizations are looking for new ideas & avenues of recruiting manpower resources. They need to capture their clients’ attention by providing informative insights into the products and services, in a creative and eye-catching manner.

Most companies are also looking to enhance their existing skill sets to fit into the dynamic scenario. Besides, they also require consulting services to get all their IT related queries clarified. To supplement these queries, Javastream offers its customers a continuum of services to meet their needs throughout the employment and business cycle. The company specializes in permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; employee assessment; training; career transition; organizational consulting; and professional corporate training services.


In business, people are the greatest asset. Behind every great vision, great brand and great service are the numerous individuals who deliver on the promise. Manpower is dedicated to providing the human resources support that helps businesses achieve their vision.

Statistics show that only one out of every three new employees is considered exceptional. Our team of consultants and recruiters offers expertise in a wide range of disciplines and has a long-standing success rate for recruiting and hiring quality individuals. We pride ourselves on our innovative recruiting teams that specialize in the fields of information technology, professional, office and industrial recruitment. These teams channel their resources to locate qualified full-time, contract, temporary or part-time candidates with varying skills and backgrounds, everyone from a general laborer to a company president. In addition, our internal communication and training programs keep our staff up-to-date on the latest human resource technologies, regional hiring trends and employment laws.

People. Knowledge. Innovation. These three words exemplify the core values that drive our service to customers. We understand people and how to match them with jobs where they will be productive and motivated. We share our knowledge with customers to help them manage their human resources more effectively. And we provide innovative technologies and creative solutions that help to make Javastream the easiest company to work with in the staffing industry.

We offer a variety of creative service delivery options, including:

Professional, technical and traditional staffing resources, from IT professionals and engineers to receptionists and assembly workers;

Quality assessment, testing and training for virtually any type of job;

On-site management of your contingent workforce;

Flexible staffing to match the fluctuations in your personnel requirements;

Global and multi-national service contracts;

Re-engineering employee skill-sets to match the needs of a changing workplace;

Outplacement programs to ensure a positive transition for outgoing employees;

Transitional staffing and management during major business changes such as mergers, acquisitions and layoffs;

Master Vendor relationships where javastream manages the services of multiple staffing providers; and

Total outsourcing of business functions.

Javastream’s IT manpower outsourcing has the following under its umbrella:

Oracle application integrations

SAP Integration

Web Based - JAVA & Microsoft Technology 

.Net & J2EE

Telecom & Embedded Technology

Finance & e-accounting

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) (US GAAP, QuickBooks & Soft skills)

Call Center Management.

We have a proven track record in recruiting, hiring, screening, relocation, payroll, and managing contract staff, to assure outsourcing accountability, we can provide timely and accurate critical measurements. The reports you get are customized to your needs. For outsourced recruiting, Javastream provides custom report data on cost-per-hire, time-to-fill, and turnover.

This unit also utilizes a unique mix of recruitment sources to identify a broad range of qualified applicants: internet recruitment and data mining, industry contacts, community organizations, business relationships, colleges and universities, technical schools, business associations, employee referrals and job fairs. We also conduct industry-specific recruiting, which includes attending regional and national trade shows, and advertising in popular trade magazines. Through these national and international affiliations, Javastream is able to locate viable candidates throughout the world.

Research proves that hiring the wrong person can cost you three times that person's salary. That is why this unit uses a detailed screening; testing and assessment program to help ensure the most qualified person is hired for each position. Site, department and job-specific hiring processes can be customized for the company's needs. The initial screening process can include interviewing, drug screening, background checks, reference checks and pre-employment assessments. Validated pre-employment assessments to choose from include aptitude tests, personality profiles, and interest evaluations, reading comprehension, written communications, math calibration, dexterity, color perception and software skills evaluations. This unit also uses assessments to assist in evaluating the current employee base for organizational development, job evaluations, management style and potential for promotion

We also specialize in providing staffing solutions to organizations in the IT industry. Our rich database of candidates from diverse areas and our partnerships with leading headhunters and IT solution providers help us to provide the client with smart and efficient staffing solutions that address all their needs. We have acquired a wealth of knowledge that we are eager to share with our clients and employees and help them succeed.


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