The Principals

JAVASTREAM leverages its in-depth domain understanding to lay out plans for an appropriate technology solution that meets the client’s business needs. Our project management principles geared to achieving this level of satisfaction are based on

  Understanding the clients business needs
  In-depth capability with products or systems proposed
  Regular projects reviews
  Continuous monitoring to manage client expectations
  Motivating our associates

The outstanding abilities of our employees and their attention to quality have allowed us to foster healthy and trustworthy relationships we enjoy with our clients. We pay careful attention to recruitment and handpick only the best with outstanding attitudes, competence, determination, and courtesy, to integrate with our teams.
In short, we search for people who share our values and culture and with whom our clients will appreciate working with.

We put equal emphasis on total customer and employee satisfaction. We encourage our associates to be innovative. We strive to create a climate that favors accomplishment, professional freedom, healthy open communication and recognition of effort.

Our management strategies have allowed us to enjoy an enviable financial position. When it comes to investments, large project risk, costs associated with growth, or even economic recession, we can face situation head-on.

Stand out by leadership, ability to communicate and dedication to excellence
Command respect through professional opinions and make no concessions on quality
Creativity and courage to develop and propose innovative solutions
Establish relationships based on trust and sensitivity to client needs
Act as a partner in the client's business
Stay at the forefront of technology advancements
Acquire knowledge and share it with colleagues
Promote teamwork and inspire confidence through honesty and integrity



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